Toddler Care and Preschool Programs


Toddler Care

 Our 1-2 year old children learn with their whole bodies and our toddler classrooms embrace this concept. Your child will have the opportunity to paint not only with brushes, but with hands and feet. The sensory tables always have something new to explore such as sand and water, cotton balls or bubble water for washing babies. Sensory exploration helps children regulate their emotions and provide an opportunity for social interactions and scientific exploration. Your child will enjoy this hands on learning approach while gaining important social skills. 

A toddler entering our school should be able to walk without assistance, be able to pick up foods (meat, fruits and vegetables) that are soft, use a sippy cup rather than a bottle and if they currently take a morning nap, it is phased out or pushed until 11:30 to better prepare your child for the Toddler room schedule.

Our toddler team will provide you with a daily note letting you know how your child's day was so you have a constant connection to the classroom. 


Early Preschool

2 years - 3.5 years

Early preschoolers are active and need many opportunities to explore the space around them. There is ample time for child-directed activities and small group interactions with the teacher. Social and emotional experiences are a focus along with introduction to more complex topics such as:

  • Numbers
  • Shapes & Colors
  • Letter Knowledge 
  • Fine Motor Control 

We believe that children succeed when gaining independence and our teaching team provides an environment that allows children to practice self-help skills through positive experiences and activities. 



3-4 (4s with birthdays after September 1st) 

Preschool children are learning many skills and concepts that will help them be successful in our VPK program. A strong focus on letter knowledge and beginning sounds, along with number sense provides many opportunities to practice important concepts. Preschoolers are learning:

  • Letter recognition 
  • Pre-writing skills 
  • 1 - 1 correspondence 
  • Patterning 
  • Complex shapes 

Additionally, our preschool classrooms work on developing a character reflective of the love of Jesus; emphasizing kindness, teamwork, and empathy for one another.